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BBOES Plyform
BBOES- means "B" finished grade on both sides OES - Oiled on Each Side
BBOES Plyform is our number one selling concrete forming plywood. It is is the best solution for your concrete forming projects. It is smooth and finished on each sides to promote an even flat finish along with its oiled properties to be easily detached from the concrete when dry.
23/32″ (3/4 nominal thickness) x 4′ x 8′ BBOES Plyform Concrete Form is widely used in the Atlanta area for various applications, such as walls, decks and columns. The face and back veneers are “B” grade, and the inner plies are cross-banded “C” grade veneers. The edges have been sealed and the face and back veneers have been pre-oiled to reduce moisture absorption and sticking during the concrete curing process. These panels have excellent stiffness characteristics, minimizing flexing during concrete pouring.