U.S. Lumber is a Major distributor of HDO Euroform in the tri-state area. We carry a wide variety of Building Materials from nails to mixed hardwoods. click here to learn more about Euroform

BBOES Plywood


4′ x 8′ BBOES Plyform Concrete Form is widely used in the for various applications, such as walls, decks and columns. The face and back veneers are “B” grade, and the inner plies are cross-banded “C” grade veneers. The edges have been sealed and the face and back veneers have been pre-oiled to reduce moisture absorption and sticking during the concrete curing process. These panels have excellent stiffness characteristics, minimizing flexing during concrete pouring.


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We carry all kinds of plywood for all your construction needs in different sizes and types. We have pine, doug fir, birch , and OSB with different grades from AA to CD sides.





Aside From our Regular interior and exterior plywood, We also specialize in Concrete forming plywood.


We carry HDO and MDO to meet your current or upcoming construction projects:



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Treated Lumber

-We Carry treated dimensional lumber from  2x4 to 12x12 and lengths from 8 feet to 24 feet.
-we also carry number 1 grade dimensional lumber for your special projects.
  • For use in above ground contact
  • Used in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Easily painted or stained
  • For use in ground contact and fresh-water immersion application
  • Used in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Easily painted or stained



We Carry All your board project needs from 1/2" thickness all the way to 4" inch thick boards . We have all grade from select choice to Premium grade and we carry different species from pine, mahogany, oak, and cedar.

Dimensional Lumber


We Carry Pine, Dougfir, oak , and many other species of lumber to cater to all of your construction needs. From #1 Grade all the way to rough sawned lumber. Our product selection are sure to satisfy all your project requirements.


-Selected Strength and appearance

-Surfaced 4 sides

-Use for a wide range of construction and project application

-Tight Grain lumber with small knots that is resistant to cupping , twisting, and bowing.


Composite Decking


We carry Trex as our primary composite decking product. Why trex? because it is the best in the industry. We only want the best for our customers. We carry different dimensions of trex from 5/4' thick all the way to dimension trex and railings.

- Perfect for very low maintenance elegant  deck

- Trex product will not rot or get deteriorate from the weather elements

- Trex is eco friendsly and will last more than 20 years without replacement 

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U.S. Lumber is a proud Member and Supporter of FSC®


FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.Established in 1993 as a response to concerns over global deforestation, FSC is a pioneer forum where the global consensus on responsible forest management convenes and through democratic process effects solutions to the pressures facing the world’s forests and forest-dependent communities.